You have questions.

Thats why you ended up here, right? It could be something related to social media marketing, content production, growing a YouTube brand, getting more followers on Facebook, using Instagram to drive revenue, building your company infrastructure or any number of other things that put you and I together.  Whatever brought you here, everything happens for a reason.  Generally, when i talk to clients for the first time they have questions and are looking for help to make a decision and move forward. I can help you see the path ahead clearly so you can make confident and effective decisions to build or grow your business.

We can help.

I can advise you on best practices and help flush out your plans before you move forward or simply strategize, outline and execute various projects allowing you to focus on the rest of your business. On the surface, I am a consultant.  But in addition to my decades of experience, I also have a great team and strong network of solid vendors available to tackle any aspects of your business growth.  My clients commonly find these resources invaluable as plans move forward and reliable, quality work needs to be sourced quickly.  My team and I are always standing by, ready to help.

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Is Magic 8 right for you?

We work with a variety of business including startups, personal brands, YouTube channels, product manufactures, service providers, restaurants, bars, clubs and more. Our background is strongest in live entertainment, media production, personal branding and consumer electronics retail/manufacturing. We cover most company operations and pay particular attention to workflow in our approach to building something scalable.  In this new digital marketing world, there is a market for everything. We can help you discover where it is, how to capitalize on it and how to execute for it. First step is to reach out and chat with us.  

How much will this cost?

Glad you asked! Cost is a tricky thing.  For general consulting, we negotiate a flat billable day rate and sometimes require a retainer for larger projects.  Depending on scope and required resources, there may be additional costs to achieve your goal.  For example, content creation, web development, marketing assets and administrative work are all available, if needed, at additional rates.  But lets not get ahead of ourselves.  The first call is free, and that might be all you need.  If not, maybe just a meeting or two.  There are many pain points that just need a little experience to solve, not a mastermind or secret system.  Lets talk and find out what your challenges really require to overcome.

You need answers, we can help. The call is free!
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